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ARCSOC Summer Show 2020

The ARCSOC Summer Show 2020 is online! Check out 2019-20 projects across the Department from MAUD projects to undergraduate studios.

Hong Kong

Cantonese Opera is often considered a ‘fading art’ that has fallen out-of-sync with Hong Kong’s rapid development. While there has been increasing attention directed towards the preservation of Cantonese Opera, most tangibly evident in the new state-of-the-art venues, the expression of this distinctly local artform’s spatially and temporally transitory quality, spectacular character and communal spirit are diluted in its new urban manifestations. Researching through the specific lens of Cantonese Opera and drawing inspiration from live and performative arts, this project speculates the relationship between performance, Hong Kong’s cultural spaces and identities, and embeds itself within the city’s broader sociocultural metabolisms.

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