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I am a graduate researcher at the University of Cambridge, UK, currently pursuing MPhil in Architecture and Urban Design (RIBA/ARB Part II). I have previously completed the Architecture Tripos (RIBA/ARB Part I) received the BA (Hons) at the same university.

My research interests include Hong Kong architecture and urbanism, heritage and regeneration, as well as the relevance of performance, art, film, and literature to architectural and spatial design, and how they ripple into broader questions relating to constructs and expression of culture and identity.

If you have any suggestions or comments about my research subjects, and would like to discuss or collaborate, you are welcome to email me at, or via the contact me page.


Cambridge Design Research Studio

Dr James Campbell / Ingrid Schroder / Julika Gittner / Conrad Koslowsky / Aram Mooradian / James Pockson​

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